Counselling and Psychotherapy

Helen Carroll
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer

Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling and Psychotherapy 23rd April 2024 

Why Have Therapy?

People come to see me for many different reasons. Here are some examples: relationship problems, stress, depression, anxiety, loss, bereavement, low self-esteem, experiences of abuse, anger, work problems, addictions and sexual issues. Clients also come for personal development, to get to know themselves better or because they feel dissatisfied with their lives.

What Therapy Offers

Counselling and psychotherapy offer an opportunity to explore and understand what is happening in your life, to reflect on changes you may want to make and to get support in making those changes. They also offer the possibility of personal development, to let go of self-defeating patterns of behaviour and to find ways to live a richer and fuller life.

Sometimes People Ask...

...about the differences between counselling and psychotherapy. Whilst the distinction is not always clear cut, counselling is often used to refer to shorter-term work focusing on conscious difficulties. Psychotherapy can refer to longer-term work on a deeper level. We would discuss which is more suitable for you when you come to see me.

Cost: 60-80 per session

email: 01737 350727